Celebrating 200 Years of Service in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
“Let Your Service Shine”
An Archdiocesan-wide Service Day
When: Saturday, October 9, 2021
Where: Across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati
Who: As many people as possible across the Archdiocese – Young and old, families, parishes, schools, colleges and universities, young adults, youth groups, senior living centers, religious congregations, etc.
Why: Many religious congregations of women and men came to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati 200 or more years ago to serve new immigrants, especially German, Italian, Irish, and others, through education, health care, and other social services. Partnering with and engaging people of all ages today in service across the Archdiocese is a fitting way to honor and extend the 200 years of service given by Sisters, Brothers and Priests.
How: Each organization is invited to chose one of the following options:
A. Choose a ready-made project. For example, donate to a Catholic Charities food pantry, or partner with the Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (IJPC) by writing letters for the World Day against the Death Penalty, which is October 10, with St. Vincent de Paul in Cincinnati or Dayton or with another organization.
B. Create your own project.
  •  Select a committee and a chair or coordinator for your 10.09.2021 project(s). Groups within a parish or small parishes could work together on the project(s).
  •  Create projects that will benefit those most in need and involve volunteers of all ages and capabilities.
  • Invite the volunteers.
  • By September 1, 2021, send your service plans to Cerb@sistersofmercy.org
  • On your service day, take pictures.
  • Send pictures, the number of volunteers who participated in your service projects, and a simple name or description of the service projects in each photo to Cerb@sistersofmercy.org
  • Help us spread the good news of the number serving and the number of those being served.
  • Celebrate with your volunteers the many ways that your group assisted others.
Go to www.Cincy200.com for updates, timelines, service ideas, contact information for agencies, etc.

Sunday, September 12, 2021 | 9:00 AM | Holocaust & Humanity Center

Join the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center for its first-ever Upstander Service Day. This service day allows participants to give back to the community through a volunteer service project while meeting people of all ages and learning more about what it means to be an upstander. During the day, we’ll teach people about being an upstander and how it ties into our mission, while working to put those lessons into action during a volunteer day.

RefugeeConnect Welcomes Afghan Refugees to Cincinnati

RefugeeConnect’s mission is to connect refugees (people forced to flee their country to escape persecution or war) with resources to rebuild their lives as United States citizens. The Junior League of Cincinnati launched RefugeeConnect in 2013 after a routine community needs assessment determined that connecting refugees to existing resources was a pressing need for women and children in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. In 2018, RefugeeConnect became an independent nonprofit and today offers support to refugees across the region to navigate often unfamiliar systems, new cultural norms, and language barriers. RefugeeConnect promotes coordinated services so that this specific population of new Americans, who may be unaware of the patchwork of crucial resources already in place, reach their full potential as individuals, families, and civic and community leaders. Programs such as our Community Navigator program ensure that refugee families have access to information and resources in their native language. Our Community Navigators are cultural leaders, many of whom came here as refugees themselves. A Community Navigator will work to develop a strong relationship with identified families in need and help them navigate often complex and confusing systems while supporting a family’s long-term goals.

Our work is not done in a silo, as we recognize that for refugees to be successful in their new communities, we must all work together to create a more welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for our newest neighbors. This is why we partner with over 150 organizations and service providers across the region to ensure that refugees can access the myriad of social, financial, and health supports that will enable them to thrive. We partner with other nonprofits, faith communities, and healthcare providers through a collaborative effort to make the Greater Cincinnati area truly a welcoming city.

As the current administration announced that it will raise the Presidential ceiling of new refugee admittances to the United States and as the crisis unfolds in Afghanistan and we evacuate Afghan allies and process SIV applicants (special immigrant visas), we are preparing to welcome more refugees into our city. Our hope is that as there becomes a greater awareness of refugees across the globe and the need to resettle them, more people in our community will come forward as supporters and help us to welcome our newest neighbors.

RefugeeConnect specifically needs support through private donorship and volunteerism. You can donate directly to support our Community Navigator program, our Scholarship fund, or to assist our general operations by visiting our website at https://www.refugeeconnect.org/ . We are always looking for people who want to be more involved through volunteerism, such as being a peer or family mentor to a college aged student or family, sitting on a planning committee for our fundraising events, or helping us with administrative tasks. As the local resettlement agency, Catholic Charities of SW Ohio, prepares to welcome new refugees, they also need assistance with finding affordable housing to place refugee families, household goods, and volunteer support. Please, visit their website at https://www.ccswoh.org/programs/refugee-resettlement-services/ to learn more.