Bringing out the Voices of the Cincinnati Immigrants and Refugees – Heartfelt Tidbits by Judie Kuhlman

Why should we listen to stories of immigrants and refugees?   Just visit and you will learn.  This vibrant community website focuses on the voices and stories of immigrants and refugees who now call Cincinnati their home.  Their stories give us important insights to the places that they once called their home.  Their stories of survival and determination can change our indifference by helping us become agents of change.   They teach us why we need to be aware of the injustices that persist in our world.  Their voices bring their world into our world making it one.  Their stories are stories of survival from economic hardships to persecution and ethnic cleansing.  Heartfelt Tidbits gives power to voices that may have never been heard, so please listen to them.

'Heartfelt Tidbits is a 100% volunteer-based organization that provides support and services refugees need during and beyond the initial days of resettlement, in order to become truly settled in our city. Heartfelt Tidbits serves both immigrants and refugees, and many of the recent refugees Heartfelt Tidbits work with come from the tiny country of Bhutan. The purpose of is to share Cincinnati's refugee and immigrant stories with the community.'