Call to Action: Protect: Protect Immigrant Children and Families

Protect immigrant children and families seeking safety and shelter from violence by keeping these families together.


Please send a message to Congress TODAY!

The following is an important action alert from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

'When we look to our southern border, where migrant families who are escaping various forms of violence and persecution in their homeland are being routinely separated. Since October 2017, over 700 children have been separated from their parents and rendered "unaccompanied," including over 100 children under the age of four. On May 4, 2018, the Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) stated that it will refer all individuals who cross the border without authorization for criminal prosecution, including adult members of family units. If implemented, this policy will undoubtedly lead to a drastic increase in incidences of family separation.'


Send a message to Congress and ask that they protect immigrant children and families seeking safety and shelter from violence by keeping these families together.  You can send this message immediately here.  Or, share this message to your U.S. Senators and Representative by phone.  Locate their contact information here.

Send the following message to your U.S. Senators and Representative:

Dear Senator/Representative,
Children are vulnerable and should not be separated from their parents. The family is a foundational element of our Faith teaching and family unity is a cornerstone of our American immigration system.

Separating parents from their children will not deter families from seeking safety and security in the U.S. Such a policy will not cure the pervasive root causes of migration existing in the violent areas of Central America. Furthermore, a policy of separating families at the border will be extremely costly to the U.S. taxpayer, costing hundreds of dollars/night per family.

 I urge you to recognize the importance of family unity and use your oversight capabilities to:
(1) Tell DHS Not to Separate Families
(2) Prevent DHS from Receiving Funding for This Harmful and Costly Practice
(3) Propose More Humane Solutions, Such As Alternatives to Detention.