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Creating Peace in the Face of Hate


This has been a painful week for those of us who seek peace. 

Across the USA, Kids4Peace has joined rallies and vigils to stand up against hate and recommit to creating a world of understanding and justice.  

We mourn the eleven people killed at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, targeted because of their Jewish religion.   Kids4Peace members have relatives and friends in this synagogue, so the violence hits close to home.  In our anger and sadness, we are reaching out to support one another.  

We know, too, that this was not the only act of hate last week.  Maurice Stallard and Vickie Lee Jones were murdered in Jeffersontown, Kentucky, because of the color of their skin.  Public leaders were targeted with pipe bombs, because of their politics.  And the US government took steps to eliminate protections for trans people, risking their safety and threatening to erase their identity. 

Kids4Peace exists because we live in a broken, unjust, and violent world. We feel the anger, frustration and pain in our own communities and others. And still we believe, deep in our hearts and spirits, that a better reality is possible … if we build it together.  This is our mission: to create the more peaceful communities that we long to see.  

Every day, through dialogue and activism, Kids4Peace youth are creating more safe, just, and inclusive communities.   We celebrate our individual differences – religion, race, gender identity, political beliefs, and more – and work to create a world where these are seen not as a threat, but as a source of strength.  And where the dignity of all people is respected and honored. 

We will not allow hate and violence to win.  We will continue to stand together, to speak up, and to take action. 

Resources for Speaking with Youth  

Dialogue about Acts of Hate & Violence
Download a PDF dialogue guide to help youth process the events of this week.  

  • Create space to acknowledge emotions.  

  • Give and receive care – for self and others.

  • Take steps to continue working for peace.