Building Community in Disaster Planning: Tri-State COAD by Debra Svedin

Tri-State COAD is a web work of community organizations of faith-based groups, voluntary organizations, civic clubs, social service agencies, emergency management agencies and governmental agencies.

The purpose of COAD is to strengthen communication, cooperation, coordination and collaboration with the many member organizations that have resources to provide before, during and after a disaster.

COAD is under the umbrella of the National and State VOADs (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters).  COAD is active for the regions of Cincinnati, OH area, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana.

The mission statement for COAD is “To assist the people in the tri state area to recover from any disaster through mutual communication, cooperation, coordination and collaboration from members of the COAD”.  (COAD website)

There are 5 committees to help prepare organizations and the community for a disaster:   Education and Training, Spiritual and Emotional Care, Resources, Social Media and Public Affairs and Finance.

Donations can be made to help give relief during disaster recovery.  These donations can be made on the COAD website,, using PayPal.

Currently, there are about 200 member organizations of COAD.  Examples of different members are American Red Cross, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Planning Development Services Kenton County, Clermont County EMA, Catholic Charities, United Way, Vineyard Community Church, Lutheran Disaster Response, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Hamilton County EMA, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and St. Vincent de Paul NKY.

As each organization joins, a form is filled out with the resources that the organization can bring to the table to assist with the disaster and long term recovery.  Examples of needed resources are: food, sheltering, feeding, volunteers, animal sheltering, furniture, repairs/maintenance, clean up.

When disaster strikes, the world falls apart for all involved.  Homes and possessions are destroyed.  Lives are totally changed.  As members of Tri-state COAD, a difference can be made.  One helping hand will become many helping hands.  Volunteers and resources are made available to aid the survivors in anyway.  One tear wiped, one hug given, one shovel with many cleaned out a basement, one hand fed a child and one pet is loved.

This is Tri-state COAD, many “one hand” help lighten the load.

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