Celebrate the Many Faiths Holiday Traditions 

The season of Giving and Receiving calls us to stops and think about our relationships with one another and God. This month we are witnessing faiths groups celebrate something they treasure in their relationship with one another and their Creator. If there is a gift that you would like to give and receive, try celebrating with someone of another faith tradition. Witness this joy together. Celebrate Jewish season of Hanukkah by attending First Night of Hanukkah at Krohn's Conservatory December 2nd & Glow in the Dark Chanukah! Dec 4th at Deerfield Commons. Saengerfest is a Christmas tradition in its 7th year. Saengerfest is comprised of seven amazing venues will hosting vignette performances from 21 different musical groups. Come listen to various faith congregations and organizations and their musical skills! Celebrate the African heritage of Kwanzaa Family, Community and Culture on December 8th. Finally, as brothers and sisters we are also called to give and receive in a socially conscious way. Raise awareness and give a gift that is social responsible and conscious of the talents and treasures of our bothers and sisters around the world. Visit the Ethical Fair Trade event Saturday Dec 1st at University of Dayton, Xavier's Alternative Gift FairDecember 9th, or help feed the hungry with our local artist at the  Empty Bowls event Dec 1st.  Enjoy the Holidays!


Mary in the Abrahamic Religions


The WINC’s, or Women’s Interfaith Network of Northern Cincinnati Suburbs group, hosted “Mary in the Abrahamic Faiths” on October 8th. This talented and friendship seeking group of women have been meeting for several years sharing their faith stories, religious practices, visiting each others places of worship, participating in prayer services, celebrating cultural events and working together for those in need. As they are able to share their faiths, they discovered a common woman of strength, courage and deep faith in God. Her name is Mary or Miriam from the Abrahamic Religions. The scriptures each tell a different story, but the same truths are prevalent. The stories of Mary and Miriam in each of the Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, and Baha’i sacred scriptures describe woman with a passionate heart, always putting God first in her life even when it meant she could be expelled from her own community. Some faiths describe her as a great prophet, others a beautiful creature of God, others describe her as the Mother to us all. This woman of ancient times seeks truth and justice. Her strength is unbreakable to the cultural norms or to the persecution of her people. Her heart is honest and compassionate. She knows the poor and the oppressed. She desires freedom and equality. She magnify’s God’s greatness to the world to through her words and actions. Mary and Miriam exemplify a truth, the reality of God’s grace.