We are extremely happy to announce that registration is now open for the 3rd. Annual Kids4Peace Cincinnati, July 30-August 3, 2018. This year’s program has expanded to include another day of fun. Several campers have already registered!  Please join that fun. Make new friends, share experiences, learn to stand together, and become a voice as a PeaceBuilder” in our local community. Also, you will have a wonderful time!

For questions go to Cincinnati@kids4peace.org.  To register, go to K4P.org/summer programs

Through a variety of  discussions, and exercises which include music, sports and art projects, and food,  the participants will develop team building and communication skills. Their skills and friendships  will empower the students to become a voice  in  building a  stronger, and more peaceful Greater Cincinnati home.  To demonstrate the commitment to improving our community, day four of camp will be dedicated to a community service project.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN THROUGH K4P.ORG.  See the attached flier for  additional information HERE!

Ulster Project Cincinnati - “Ulster” is synonymous with Northern Ireland. The Ulster Project works for peace between Catholics and Protestants in a country that has had centuries of tension and violence between the two groups. (See below.) Each July, teens from Enniskillen (County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland) come to Cincinnati and stay with host teens and their families. During the month, the teens and families participate in a variety of activities designed to foster friendship and understanding.


Interfaith Youth Programs

Xavier's Center for Interfaith Community Engagement

Xavier's Center for Interfaith Community Engagement works to create and strengthen a sense of community among individuals of diverse faiths on campus, in Cincinnati, and on the regional and national levels.

The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement is a student-centered initiative that both allows individuals to deepen their personal faith and enhance their understanding of other traditions. Further, it serves the larger community in areas of social justice, shared religious teachings and leadership development.

As Xavier continues to diversify its population along faith and cultural lines, a unique opportunity exists for authentic interfaith community engagement. The Center for Interfaith Community Engagement strives to be an example for collaborative efforts on campus and beyond. Our work extends to the larger social justice community and various ethnic and religious faith groups, and serves as a vehicle for the empowerment of the interfaith student community.  Read more at..http://www.xavier.edu/interfaith/


Mothers of Mercy High School & Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati Group & Teen Group of the Mayerson JCC join to create a Butterfly Peace Garden

The Oct. 9th Interfaith Service day with youth groups from the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, Mayerson JCC, and students from Mother of Mercy High School will be held at Imago Earth Center in Price Hill (from 3pm-6pm).  In response to violence in the world, youth from all three faiths will work together for the care of our common home, the earth, by creating a butterfly garden as a gesture of friendship and peace, thereby illustrating that religion does not have to be a source of conflict but can also be key to resolving differences and promoting understanding.

By Bob Bonnici

Resources for Students: Contributed by Affordable Colleges Online

Resource Guide for Religious and Spiritual Students

Multiculturalism and Diversity in College

Interfaith Youth Core

'IFYC offers on-campus engagements to support colleges and universities as they seek to elevate and highlight interfaith cooperation as a campus-wide priority.

Engagement consultations help campuses build environments that support interfaith cooperation, equip campus leaders, cast vision, and set strategic goals.  Guiding our work are key leadership practices, which we believe have the highest potential impact for transformational change.

Whether your campus is just beginning to consider interfaith cooperation as a priority or already has an interfaith strategy in place, IFYC can offer an external perspective that will help advance your efforts.  We primarily provide value to our campus partners in the following ways: 

  • IFYC is a catalyst: We use an asset based approach to identify internal resources that will help campus leaders build and sustain interfaith cooperation
  • IFYC is a convener:  We create spaces for committed administrators, staff, faculty, and students to broaden participation in and deepen commitment toward interfaith cooperation
  • IFYC is comprehensive:  We draw on an extensive toolkit to help campuses achieve and measure results.'

For Training https://www.ifyc.org/ili

For Grants & Resources https://www.ifyc.org/resources

Find out more at https://www.ifyc.org/about-ifyc