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Join a vigil for the Earth

On January 20th, we inaugurate a new president and begin four years of a new administration. The incoming administration has nominated climate deniers and fossil fuel advocates to the cabinet and to the EPA. They have indicated their intention to abandon critical climate solutions like the Clean Power Plan and the historic Paris agreement. 

In order to show that faith communities are committed to protecting Creation, Interfaith Power & Light is working with the People’s Climate Movement, Franciscan Action Network, GreenFaith, and others to organize 100 vigils in the first 100 hours of the new administration. 

We need your help to make these vigils a success. Sign up now to get more information. 

In the days surrounding the presidential inauguration, people of all faiths, all over the country will gather together in prayer for Creation and a sustainable future. By demonstrating that people of faith are concerned about the climate and by speaking out publicly, we will show unified support for the environment that will encourage the new administration to moderate its positions. Additionally, we will empower members of Congress to champion a clean energy future and to recognize that leadership on climate is a moral imperative for our nation.

Faith communities are praying and taking action to create a sustainable future for all. This is a critical time for America to show the world that we will lead on climate solutions that will provide good jobs and build a clean energy economy. Together we can raise our voices and let this administration know the moral obligation it has to safeguard Creation from catastrophic climate events. We must hold them accountable for protecting this precious gift we were given.

With interfaith hope,
The Rev. Sally Bingham