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Awakening the Heart in Social Fields

  • Immanuel Presbyterian Church 3445 Clifton Avenue Cincinnati, OH, 45220 United States (map)

Awakening the Heart in Social Fields: New Possibilities in Health Care and Other Shared Human Activities

Informal Discussion with Paul Uhlig, MD


Thursday, June 16, 1:00-2:30

Immanuel Presbyterian Church

3445 Clifton Avenue

Paul Uhlig is a pioneering physician who is reawakening meaning and purpose in health care. He does this by inviting people to build new local group cultures, called compassionate Social Fields. Paul is a heart surgeon. He lived in Cincinnati before moving to Wichita, where he resides now. He has done as much as anyone to turn health care upside down. Paul is changing the heart of what health care is about. His welcoming approach is at the center in the Economics of Compassion Initiative.

Paul has been innovative in the realm of collaborative care and the value of collaborative rounds. Collaborative rounds, in Paul’s practice, are where the physician, nurse, social worker, and other support people working with a patient, literally stand in a circle with the patient and their family and talk about the patient’s condition and path of action. Amazing things happen in this circle. Quality transforms, and human connections are made that can last forever.

Paul believes that a community of care is what will make the difference in our health, and many other areas of our lives. Join Paul as he talks more about his experiences and shares stories.

Paul is co-author of Field Guide to Collaborative Care: Implementing the Future of Health Care.

Join us for an informal discussion with Paul.