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Kids4Peace: Day Camp

Kids4Peace Day Camp 


"Cincinnati's first interfaith camp from Kids4Peace international to be presented in our area, and provides an exciting and unique experience for area  kids.  The Camp is open to children from the Christian, Jewish , and Muslim faiths that are entering the 6th, 7th or the 8th grade this coming fall.  Boys and girls!  It will be held from August 1-4.

"There are still openings for this exciting opportunity for our local kids.  I have attached a flier to further describe the particulars of the program.  Feel free to share the information with anyone or group that you believe would be appropriate.  The basic philosophy of Kids4Peace (K4P) is to bring peace to a community through one-on-one interaction, person to person.   Day One will be held @ the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, Day two @ Adath Israel Congregation, and Day 3 @ Saint Barnabas Episcopal Church.  Day 4 will be held at the Barbash Vital Services Center in Clifton.

"Kids4Peace, which began in Jerusalem 14 years ago is a grassroots interfaith youth movement, dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in Jerusalem and other divided societies around the world. The mission is to build interfaith communities that embody a culture of peace and empower a movement of change.  The program begins by bringing together kids from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths. 
Values include:
DIVERSITY in family background, political perspective, and religious practice.
EQUALITY among women and men, religions and cultures, nations and peoples
SENSITIVITY toward the pain, struggle and risk of living together
SPIRITUALITY as a source of strength, courage and wisdom
CONNECTIVITY across our global community
RESPECT for the experiences, beliefs and choices of others , including those most different.   Motto "Together peace is Possible" #The violence stops with me.

"At the camp kids will have the opportunity to develop the tools of building peace both locally and globally.   This first group of kids will help provide the foundation of our "year around" program, and  are able to continue  meeting with their new friends, and participating in additional activities.  If desired, the kids can remain in the Kids4peace program throughout high school.  The program is based on building long term positive relationships.   Remaining in the program is not a requirement for participation in the camp, but is available to any kids who may want to continue.  Kids4Peace has been recognized by such organizations as the Alliance for Middle East Peace, and USAID, for their continuous follow-through with the kids over time.  The camp is not necessarily a one time come together.  Kids have the opportunity to continue to meet. As they mature they can attend additional residence camps with their counterparts from Jerusalem.

"We, at the growing Cincinnati Chapter, are dedicated to advancing the goals of the greater organization within our local and regional community.  The new day camp provides an opportunity for children to begin working together to explore each religion and culture, while building bridges to understanding, and developing lifelong positive relationships.
"We are anxious to bring this unique, and exciting opportunity to many of Cincinnati's youth.   I have seen the curriculum and it is an impressive collection of periods of significant dialogue, along with sessions of art, music sports and food around  the daily central themes of listening, trust, and community.
If you or any kids and families, would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact me.  We can also arrange to have members including our camp intern, Jacob Young speak with any groups.  Jacob just graduated from high school, and would love to share his experience as a youth counselor for Kids4Peace.  Jacob also relates very well to the kids.  Our Camp director, Rob Gleisser, is also willing to address any who are interested.  Rob, a graduate of OHio State, is a rabbinical student at Hebrew Union College, here in Cincinnati.  Rob  has just returned from his studies in Jerusalem, where he had an opportunity to work directly with the folks from Kids4peace International.  If you have questions, you can contact Rob directly @,   He is very enthusiastic, and will be happy to talk to you.  

"Registration is possible directly with Kids4Peace @ day camps, or via our Facebook page Kids4Peace Cincinnati.  The K4P website ( ) and blog are excellent.  Additional information is also available on the Christ Church Cathedral web site: