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Economics of Compassion Initiative: The Long Hard Road to Neighborliness

  • Cintas Center Schiff Family Conference Center 1624 Herald Avenue Cincinnati, OH, 45207 United States (map)

Is this the economy you want?   Dare to dream of another?

It's clear to many of us that we've reached an impasse. Over half of the children in Cincinnati today live in poverty, and yet the stock market continues to climb. Wealth finds itself in fewer and fewer hands, and yet many are still compelled to work longer and harder, sacrificing their health, their relationships, their neighborhoods and loved ones in order to acquire more and more and live less and less.

Shifting our economic consciousness begins with challenging the assumptions of our dominant narrative - that the economy is by nature a competitive, individualistic, and self-interested pursuit in a world of violence and scarcity. 

We may think that this is just the way things are, but we have a choice to shift out thinking and recognize an economy that is co-operative, communal, and generous. We call it a compassionate economy.

Not only is this other economy a possibility, its seeds are being sown as we speak. 

Join us for a talk about the journey departing this system of violence and anxious scarcity and build a new economy, one centered on our gifts and abundance, one that nurtures our relationships and taps the vast wealth in our neighborhoods. 

Leading the conversation will be theologian Dr Walter Brueggemann and community builder and facilitator Peter Block. We will also be joined by numerous groups presenting different initiatives in the Cincinnati area - local experiments in the new economy - from cooperatives to social enterprises, and from credit unions to intentional communities.

Come join your neighbors in exploring the gifts and possibilities waiting to be developed in your community.

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