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Unite Communities-Strengthen Cincinnati

Tuesday December 8, 2015

Xavier University Kennedy Auditorium

Reception to Follow.  Registration Free through http//

Key Note Speakers:

Victor Garcia -Founding Director Trauma Services, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Core Change Co-Chair

Dwight Young - BLOC Ministries Co-Founder

Joseph Carter - Incline Incubator Advisor, Xavier Executive MBA Alum

Our Realities - What We Know:

Cincinnati is ranked the 2nd highest in childhood poverty out of 76 major U.S. cities

MRI's of children's brains show that poverty hurts kids more than being born to moms on cocaine

Socioeconomic status is one of the most powerful predictors of health, more powerful than genetics, exposure to carcinogens, and even smoking

The Xavier Community is embracing its Faith and Service Jesuit Heritage by joining forces with three Cincinnati-based community improvement service organizations to strengthen our city, our home - Cincinnati.  We are calling on you, as an involved member of the Xavier Community, to attend a 90-minute information session to learn how you can engage with our community to come together to build a stronger Cincinnati. 

You will hear compelling stories from Victor Garcia, Founding Director of Trauma Services at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Co-Chair of Core Change.  Core Change was founded because its leaders believe in "A Better Life for Each and a Better Cincinnati for All."  You will also hear from Dwight Young, Founder of BLOC Ministries.  BLOC Ministries is an organization that lives and works in under-served communities to offer positive choices, build relationships, and strengthen students, families and communities in consistent, stable, personal and long-term ways.  Lastly you will hear from me, Joseph Carter, a Xavier Executive MBA Alumnus, Visiting Faculty member, and also, Advisor for the Incline Incubator.  The Incline Incubator’s mission is to encourage sustainable employment in the urban core by educating and equipping the people to build businesses that strengthen communities.

The last part of the event we will ask each of the attendees to make a commitment to get involved on specific actions to help us confront our realities.  We can and we will, as a Xavier Community, do what it takes to impact our realities.

Following the presentations, please stay and mingle during a warm reception.  Reconnect with former classmates, and network with others who share your desire to make a better life for all who live in this city we call home.  We all share a common passion and have undeniable faith that we can help make a better life for the people of Cincinnati's Urban Core.

Please join us!

Joseph Carter
Visiting Faculty
Xavier University
Williams College of Business