Share the Love - Help Your Local Food Pantry!


There are many food pantries found throughout Cincinnati.  What is more amazing is that Cincinnati is home to many interfaith food pantries.  Each group has a story of a calling to serve their community, but recognizing that they can serve their community better by coming together with those of different faiths. Faith should never divide us because it is the love of the divine that should drive us closer together. Cincinnati has many love stories of faith based groups sharing in a common vision and care for one another.  Share your love for one another.  One of our oldest food pantries is Inter Parish Ministry. IMP is a nonprofit organization that has been serving low income, needy families in eastern Hamilton County and all of Clermont County for 50 years.  The provide basic necessities including food, clothing as well as programs to help those in need during difficult times. Find your love and help a local food pantry!  Search local at


Helping Hearts Soiree

Heartfelt Tidbits is hosting Helping Hearts Soiree on February 10th from 6:30pm-10pm at Centennial Barn 110 Compton Road Cincinnati, OH 45215. Festivities include international food, dancing, amazing raffles. Join Heartfelt Tidbits in raising money in support the international refugee community. Register by clicking here.  Heartfelt Tidbits is a volunteer organization that provides support to immigrant and refugees. Their efforts range from helping with day-to-day basic living skills to finding schools and medical needs.  Volunteers come from local neighborhoods and churches pulling together to help families adjust to their new surroundings. Read more about this organization at