Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival

Dear Community:

We invite you to join us this Fall for the 2018 Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival. As you may know, the 2018 Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival is organized by Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD), a 42- year-old organization that was founded in 1975 and is one of the largest non-profits in Cincinnati that supports adults with developmental disabilities. 

The newly rebranded Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival is formerly the ReelAbilities Film Festival. This festival has been expanded “to celebrate the human spirit.” The Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival is a universal approach to the City of Cincinnati celebrating our shared humanity, regardless of background, education, gender, ethnicity, nationality, generation, age, religious background, sexual orientation, or ability.

There are numerous ways that you and your faith community can get involved with the Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival-

Join us for an Interfaith Breakfast September 27, 8-10am Cintas Center

This year marks our second annual Interfaith breakfast celebrating our shared humanity with an inclusive gathering of faith communities. The event is sponsored by the film festival and open to everyone. Tickets are available at www.otrfilmfest.org 


Include us in your Newsletter or Bulletin:

The Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival (September 26-30, 2018) will be a coming together of faiths to celebrate our shared humanity and raise awareness of relevant issues facing our society. The festival champions the curious, the brave, the dreamers, the open-hearted, the vulnerable, and the unheard. The OTR International Film Festival is a place where media and culture reflect and value all – where differences and empathy become a source of strength and joy. For more information, visit otrfilmfest.org.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Make a difference and give back in a fun way by volunteering with the Over-the- Rhine International Film Festival (September 26-30, 2018). For more information on the available volunteer opportunities, please see otrfilmfest.org/volunteer/ or contact Matt Dunn at 513.873.1609.