Women's Interfaith Group Hosts Peace Festival

The Women's Interfaith Network of Cincinnati Suburbs hosted an Interfaith Peace Festival on April 23rd. The interfaith group welcomed musicians and dancers from area faith congregations and cultural groups.  The program included singers from LDS choir, the Islamic Center, the Jewish community, Sikh devotional singers, Bhangra dance from India, Chinese dancers, Zabava dancers from Europe, Latin American dancers and several more.  The WINCS group is a diverse group of women seeking to promote learning opportunities among different cultures and religious faiths through open discussion, community service and outreach. The program opened with an interfaith prayer for peace and closed with PEACE in many languages. Read more..

AJC Cincinnati Community Hosts Intergroup Seder

American Jewish Committee (AJC) Cincinnati has been privileged to host 24 annual Community Intergroup Seders and to share our festival of freedom with diverse groups of people from throughout our city. The AJC Community Intergroup Seder began in 1994, when 25 people from a number of ethnic and religious organizations joined with American Jewish Committee for a Passover lunch in an office building conference room.  We are proud that the breadth of our Seder has grown significantly. This year we welcomed more than 200 participants from a variety of faiths and backgrounds.

The Seder celebrates the ageless ritual of the Jewish holiday of Passover, celebrating freedom for all.  It includes the re-telling of the Passover story which begins with slavery in Egypt and ends in the deliverance of the Promised Land. It is a story of hope, aspiration, and redemption.

We know, that even today, there are individuals here at home and around the globe who still struggle to achieve freedom.  Passover is a time to reflect and recommit.  The lessons of our past, along with the realities of today bring us to a time when we must stand up and be counted, making our collective voice heard as we seek greater freedom and justice for all. 

Since its founding in 1906, AJC has worked to advance freedom, tolerance, and mutual respect.  We speak truth to power, championing human dignity, human rights, and democratic values. We do so through effective advocacy, reasoned diplomacy, vital bridge building, enlightening education, and strategic communications.

Brueggeman Center Awarded Community Impact Award

The Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue is the Junior League of Cincinnati's 2016-17 Community Impact Award recipient. The Brueggeman Center was nominated for its ongoing work with refugees, including the upcoming annual World Refugee Day Soccer Cup tournament on May 6, and its impact carrying out its mission of providing space and opportunity for dialogue concerning critical issues of today. The Center will be recognized at a dinner and program on Tuesday, May 16, from 6:00 p.m.-8:30 p.m., at Memorial Hall in Over-the-Rhine.