AJC Calls on Cincinnati Community to #ShowUpForShabbat 

November 1, 2018 – New York – AJC is urging the Cincinnati Jewish community, as well as civic and religious leaders, to flock to synagogues on Friday night and Saturday morning, November 2-3. The #ShowUpForShabbat initiative was launched by AJC after the horrific attack at Tree of Life Or L’Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh, which left 11 Jewish worshipers dead and another six people wounded.

“We must speak out and stand up against those who target Jews. Coming to synagogue this Shabbat will send a clear, strong message that Jews are not afraid,” said Cathy Heldman, AJC Cincinnati regional director. “We know today that Jews are not alone. In our country, in our city, elected officials as well as other religious and ethnic communities recognize that an attack on any faith is clearly an attack on all faiths.”

The AJC Cincinnati initiative is part of a worldwide effort by the American Jewish Committee, a leading global advocacy organization, to fill synagogues in a demonstration of solidarity and unity against anti-Semitism and hate. Representatives from AJC’s 22 offices across the United States are reaching out to clergy, diplomats, local government officials, and other community leaders to encourage them to participate in the #ShowUpForShabbat campaign, while the organization’s 11 international offices are working with partners in over 35 Jewish communities around the globe to launch similar initiatives locally. Read more..

For more information, contact the AJC Cincinnati office at cincinnati@ajc.org.

Mary in the Abrahamic Religions


The WINC’s, or Women’s Interfaith Network of Northern Cincinnati Suburbs group, hosted “Mary in the Abrahamic Faiths” on October 8th. This talented and friendship seeking group of women have been meeting for several years sharing their faith stories, religious practices, visiting each others places of worship, participating in prayer services, celebrating cultural events and working together for those in need. As they are able to share their faiths, they discovered a common woman of strength, courage and deep faith in God. Her name is Mary or Miriam from the Abrahamic Religions. The scriptures each tell a different story, but the same truths are prevalent. The stories of Mary and Miriam in each of the Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, and Baha’i sacred scriptures describe woman with a passionate heart, always putting God first in her life even when it meant she could be expelled from her own community. Some faiths describe her as a great prophet, others a beautiful creature of God, others describe her as the Mother to us all. This woman of ancient times seeks truth and justice. Her strength is unbreakable to the cultural norms or to the persecution of her people. Her heart is honest and compassionate. She knows the poor and the oppressed. She desires freedom and equality. She magnify’s God’s greatness to the world to through her words and actions. Mary and Miriam exemplify a truth, the reality of God’s grace.